Best Luxury Cars You Can Buy

Cars are some of the biggest showcases of status, wealth, power and style in the world. Nothing comes above the amazing feeling of the whirr of an engine, nights on the open road or amazing drives in a smooth and steady car. There are all types present from budget to luxury but today we will talk about some of the highest quality and best luxury cars that can be bought in the world today and how they measure up against one another as well. While buying these cars is a hefty investment from the wallet, it is definitely worth it when you can.

Mercedes S-Class

Driving a Mercedes S-Class is one of the best experiences you can ever have topped only by being the passengers in one. There are no vibrations either in the pedals or steering wheels and no wind roar or tire noises are present either. The amazing suspension system does not allow you to feel any of the lumps, indents and problems in the road and it will seem as if they were never there. On top of that, the engines are so quiet that you might think the engine is off, combine that with a good start-stop system and a nine-speed gearbox and there is nothing that can top this car. On top of that it has some of the most impressive performance on the market today. The interior of the vehicle is just as if not more impressive as well, which a rear seat with more than enough legroom to relax and along with there are seats with amazing heating features and massage features to bring the comfort to a whole other level.

Bentley Continental GT

While this car may have been created on the underpinnings of the Porsche Panamera the fact that both of the cars are some of the most popular in the world today shows the engineering prowess that comes with it as well. This is one of the best luxury cars present today and does not have any problems with regards to distance traveled or any other problems as well. For anyone lucky enough to ever sit inside one of these amazing cars this is an amazing vehicle, takings its inspiration from the Bentley Wing design, for example the dashboard wing protrusions, which carry until the door trims along with fantastic internal combinations of wood and leather as well. The fantastic design is topped only by the amazing cabin features with a fantastic new technology which brings an up to date experience of entertainment and major systems of safety on top of one of the best and most modern chassis systems making it one of the smoothest cars to drive on the road today.

Range Rover

Do not let the fact that the body of the car is like an SUV fool you. This is definitely one of the most impressive vehicles that you can find in the vehicular market today. The Range Rover is just as if not more comfortable than any other long-distance cruiser vehicle presents today as it goes through any terrain like muddy fields or long expanses of land. Despite a relatively large body compared to most other vehicles present today this is definitely one of the best to drive and a surprisingly elegant and nimble vehicle with amazingly refined internal systems as well. The lifted chassis and suspension provide a significant height advantage for the vehicle as well, making it feely extremely large, with a great view and a long guide of wheelbase. However, the size comes at a cost since getting into the car itself is quite a large climb. The Land Rover version gives the Rover an air suspension which allows for lowering the body, so it is easier to get in or out, however, compared to other cars like Audis it remains significantly more difficult.

Rolls-Royce Phantom

The Rolls Royce company is one of the most respected and well-known cars in the world. It is difficult to perfect something that already is significantly amazing however, with the Rolls Royce Phantom they were able to do just that. To bring up an advantage regarding the previous vehicle the Phantom was actually developed from the ground up and there is no doubt as to the superb quality of the car itself. While the car is large the price tag attached is similar in size as well and goes with the dimensions of the car and its over 20-inch wheels. To drive given the price tag it is one of the easiest and best vehicles to drive, being unbelievably silent and extremely comfortable, however, when in the driver seat there are also a lot of things to entertain yourself with. The four-wheel steering provides better handling, stability and comfort.

Porsche Panamera

The Panamera like the 911 model of the Porsche is much like a story about evolution being far ahead of the curve compared to revolution when it came to the development of the vehicle itself. It hasn’t been present for an extremely long time however, the Mk2 is a good progression from the previous models of similar systems. However, it does mean that the car looks much more appealing compared to the usual. The lines are much smoother and influences of style coming from the 911 model of the car are still evident. At the same time, the driving experience is much better as well due to the much better capabilities. The car is still focused on giving a good driving experience and it is much better to drive being quicker and having far better performance as well. The air suspension systems hold the ability to be switched to the comfort mode after just a small button press to ensure that occupants in the back seat are comfortable as well.

BMW 7 Series

While in terms of competition BMW has always had a tough time measuring up to the high benchmark that the Mercedes S class has set it was not because the company has not tried. The line up of both petrol and diesel engines is amazing and the handling is better than it has ever been, while also holding a wide array of amazing quality gadgets, while not as good as some, in its own right the 7 series is still one of the best choices for luxury cars available today. The 7 series have been given a much better host and range of technology as well and there are a lot of versions including standard and wheel-based ones, which also include much better legroom and is an amazing choice for drivers. The newer car has a different design as well, being more tapered now and the car is also much lighter than it used to be since there is a high degree of carbon fiber being used in its making as well. This new composition of the body has helped in greatly reducing the amount of fuel that is needed but at the same time the much bigger models of the car which include the 740 and 750 also feature much better handling as well. While there are many versions on top is the new M760Li xDrive which is the fastest car to accelerate since the launch and takes under 4 seconds to reach over 60 mph. The cost is similar as well and holds a 6.6 dual turbo V12 engine featuring over 600 bnp and around 800 Nm torque as well. Basically, this is not a car you wish to be racing with.

Audi A8

Definitely one of the best-looking cars that are available today, it is both a fantastic car and also proportioned extremely well. However, it does have a smaller design more in keeping with smaller Audi designs and the body is nowhere near as large as an S Class Mercedes or the Range Rover. The interior has some of the most top-quality materials along with featuring a logical dashboard. There is a lot of optical material presents, high quality leather interiors, and fantastic inlays for an amazing feel. The seats are 12-way adjustable leather and heated, with climate control, and satellite navigation for an amazing driving experience. However, while it may fall just short of an S class Mercedes the Audi name and the quality of the car is itself enough to attract a wide array of buyers to the car. On top of that this model of the car is also far more powerful and much more economical than before.

Bentley Bentayga

The Bentley does receive some criticism for moving around like a high specification Audi Q7 however, it is still an extremely well-made car and is in the running for being one of the best SUVs on the market today. The British Marque created its first SUV model costing 230,675 pounds and since then better cars have been created at varying price points. The body of the car itself is hand built and the body is actually made in Slovakia. The body then gets moved to Crewe where the car finally gets assembled. As you might be able to assume from the price alone this car is definitely not for everyone. The Bentayga is one of the best cars to drive and is built upon a similar MLB framework which the Q7 and the Porsche Cayenne were made as well. There are multiple options of varying strengths available however, at its greatest level the 6.0-liter W12 pump has around 600 bhp present with 900 Nm of torque present as well. Definitely, a well-rounded and must have a car for those who wish to have pleasant and amazing driving experiences.

Final thoughts on Best Luxury Cars you can buy

Hopefully, this article will have helped you in understanding some of the best luxury cars that you can buy and what makes them so great. From Rolls Royce to Bentley, this article hopefully helped you to develop an appreciation for these amazing vehicles. We encourage you to do further research on this topic and see some of our other articles as well as comment your thoughts on our selection of cars down below.

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